Welcome to Freedom Photoworks



     My name is Jon Waters and as a teacher and a father of two athletic kids, I love having pictures of them not just in competition, but in everyday life as well. My goal is to be your personal photographer that is either on the sidelines for sporting events, on location for your family portraits, or senior portraits.  Let me capture all that there is to love about your family.

     Photography is so much more than just pushing a button.  It is truly an art that when done correctly can show every detail in the clouds and the full pallet of colors that Mother Nature has blessed us with.  Anyone can take a picture, it takes an artist to take a photograph.  Let me be the artist that captures the true scale of how awesome you and your family are.

     When photographing your family I will always do it as if I were taking photos of my own.  When you decide to have Freedom Photoworks take your family, senior, newborn, sporting event photos you are asking me to be the creator of work will be displayed on your wall for years to come.  I take that responsibility very seriously because great photographs are an investment in memories. They allow us to continue living and growing for the future, but treasuring the past. Because that is what we should do.....Treasure the past!  This is why here at Freedom Photoworks I say:

"Live for the future, but we treasure the past!"